Hull: youths terrorise residents in the Bricknell Avenue area

By Rob Maciver

Bricknell Estate in West Hull is currently experiencing a huge crime wave. The HU5 and surrounding area residents are being terrorised by a group of young degenerates.

Local residents are in uproar at the moment with a group of youths attacking, vandalising and being just generally anti-social in the Bricknell area. Many are asking for more police presence in the area whilst others are criticising their lack of conviction towards this specific group. Tina Smithson said:

‘It is getting out of order, why are the police not sorting them out. At the end  of the day people will end up taking matters into their own hands.’

Steve Akam had a very serious run-in with a group of 15 youths at the top of Kenilworth Avenue. He had just popped to drop his son’s girlfriend off at her home and he said that as his son went to drop off his girlfriend one of the group walked up to a car and started breaking the aerial of the car. Mr. Akam said:

“He was staring me in the eyes whilst doing it looking to provoke a response when I got out of my car I was subjected to abuse and threats from the group.”

The group continued to threaten Steve and his son until the police arrived. Steve added:

” The ringleader appears to be a girl who the police are very well aware of, she is 14 and currently on bail. She bragged about looking forward to the police but as they arrived she quickly left leaving a two-foot iron bar where she was sat.’

Another victim had £300 worth of damage done to her car down Appleton road. Rita Fenton said:

 “A group of kids circled my car and was kicking it which left me £300 down so close to Christmas.”

A person who wished not to be named has had problems with gangs of sometimes 20 outside their house.

‘They’ve been outside our house most of the summer sometimes until four in the morning, when confronted they got very abusive. My husband had to install CCTV cameras because of them.’

On top of this, the Tesco on Bricknell Avenue is being targeted by opportunistic thieves on a daily basis. Dan Moore, 23 said:

‘We’ve been robbed 8 times and that’s not even the highest number we have had.” The shop has recently had the hours cut for the security members of staff and is now left without any security.”

Dan continued to add:

“They come in every day at least once, sometimes we catch them, other times we don’t. Between this and the group of kids outside the shop is definitely being affected.’

Liam Atkinson, 27, of Poplar Avenue, West Hull, received a four-month prison sentence and pay £270.40 compensation after being caught for an accumulation of thefts. One of which included stealing a case of vodka from the Bricknell avenue Tesco worth £70.40.

One member of the public who has seen one of the thieves in action said:

“She just filled two big bags full of chocolates and meat then quickly shuffled out of the shop and got on her bike.’ The staff who are mainly all women are scared of the thieves and say they dare not approach them. With this happening so frequently the store is looking at hiring more security soon.”

Across the road at the Sainsburys security has recently been employed to try to combat the crimes, however,  one member of staff found a bag of drugs nestled amongst the shelves. The police have been made aware and CCTV footage has been taken for investigation.

The crime map for Humberside Police in this area has not been updated since September 2017 . In September there were a recorded 64 crimes for main theft and antisocial behaviour. The figures now will surely be a lot higher.

A 77-year-old pensioner, Alan Keith of Hartoft road was mugged for his pension outside the Bricknell avenue Sainsbury’s. He is now afraid to leave his home and says he has visions of the muggers all the time.

 PC Richard Harrison, from the Humberside Police, said:
“Humberside Police are currently patrolling  the areas affected and dealing with the problem.”

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