Q&A with Mark Pascall from Departed

Mark Pascall, lead singer of Departed tells Hull Echo about the band, their success, and how they are looking forward to playing in Hull.

Tell us a little about the band:
Mark Pascall:
 “Departed are a rock band from the southwest UK. Comprising of vocalist Mark Pascall (ex Empire of Fools), guitarist Ben Brookland (ex The Treatment) and brothers Howie and Connor Spring. Last year we released our debut EP “DEPARTED” to an amazing reception from the music press and this has led to some impressive support slots and festivals. If you want to see a band that puts everything into their live performances and shows passion in their songwriting please check us out https://www.facebook.com/departedbanduk/
When was it formed?
“I started to write with Ben about 3 years ago now and worked incredibly hard on settling for only the best we could write. We spent quite a while recording and testing material whilst on the look out for the right musicians for the band. Since March last year we’ve completed the line up and it’s all firing on all cylinders now.”
What type of music is it?
“Departed is an eclectic rock band with influences of classic rock to modern day rock/pop/soul. We are a powerful band that explode when playing live but retain melody and clarity.”
Since forming the band what success have you gained? 
“The band is going from strength to strength now. Since we started to perform live we have been invited to open for the likes of Aiden, Graham Bonnet (Rainbow), Phil Campbell (Motorhead), Big Country amongst many others and towards the end of last summer we were invited to open for the legendary Status Quo at their stadium show in south Wales, which was such an amazing experience for the band. All this has now led to Departed being invited to open for the amazing Michael Schenker on his UK tour in November, including the last date of the touring is at Hull City Hall. We can’t wait!”
How many are you followed by? 
“We have a few thousand followers on social media and it appears to be going up every day! We are so touched that people like what they hear and believe us!”
If there is a special memory what would it be? 
“I think collectively it has to be opening for Status Quo as it was such a huge venue and a dream come true alongside playing the main stage at Looe Music Festival before The Darkness, the crowd were on fire and the stage is situated on the beach, can’t get a lot better!”
Are you looking forward to playing in Hull? 
“I can’t wait to play in Hull, it’s an absolutely stunning venue, last night of the tour and it’s when we can start to unwind a little. Hull is in for a treat and everyone should really aim to get there early. I hear it’s selling very well too, so people shouldn’t wait too long to grab some tickets. Michael Schenker is back on top form and his band are such amazing musicians, let alone the quality of the 3 singers from the Michael Schenker Group.”
Do you have any special mentions?
“To everyone reading this … we will see you at Hull City Hall and can’t wait to meet you all, grab your tickets and don’t miss an incredible night of rock!”
Follow their Facebook page
To book tickets visit the booking office  
Don’t miss this incredible night!

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