Psychedelic DiscoTech’s three-day event at Fruit.

Kicking off in the City of Culture, The Psychedelic DiscoTech are bringing a three-day event to Fruit.

Starting on the 9, August with “They Fuck You Up Your Mum and Dad (But that’s love for you)!”

The night will explore words read by some of the city’s newest and greatest talents.  A night of poetry, and soundscapes, with Steve Cobby & Russ Litten, and DJ Roscoe.

Join in and get on the mic with your words!

Tickets £3.00

On 10, August, it is “Raving Mad” this event will take you back to the rave scene in the 80’s and 90’s where a revolution of youths was jamming to the sounds of the underground throughout the UK. A discussion and a critical reflection on the rave culture that scared the government. Ending with a rave,  DJ Roscoe takes you down memory lane  (certainly, a night for all ravers young and old, and not to be missed.)

Tickets £3.00

Finishing on the 11, August, Psychedelic Discotech will present Steve Cobby.

Cobby has played in many places around the world including Croatia, Sydney, San Francisco, New York and Tokyo and the scruffy jewel of them all the Calton Club, Whalley Range, Manchester, home of PDT. He has performed live in Europe, Japan, and the United States.

As Fila Brazillia, (with David McSherry) his music has been used in films, including Riding Giants directed by Stacy Peralta – and adverts, including for Nokia. As JSTARS (with Sim Lister)

In 2013 Steve Cobby provided the soundtrack for the Hull ‘UK City of Culture 2017’ bid film – ‘This City Belongs to Everyone’, produced by Nova Studios. On 20 November 2013 Kingston upon Hull, was announced as the winning city.

Tickets £6.00

The Three-day event will certainly have you creating, bringing back memories, and most of all it’s Party time! 

Tickets are available from










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