Dance Production 5 Soldiers Heads to Hull Barracks.

Rosie Kay Dance Company is bringing its critically acclaimed dance production 5 Soldiers to Hull Barracks.

Endorsed by the British Army for its insight and dramatic portrayal of life in the military, the Army has joined forces with Rosie Kay Dance Company to bring this original work into the community.  Its authenticity is evident from the ‘boots on the ground’ confidence of the five professional dancers, four men, and one woman.  The cast has experienced military training as part of their research and to prepare for the physical demands of this dynamic interpretation of Army life.

Whilst recovering from a career-threatening injury which momentarily halted her life as a dancer, choreographer Rosie Kay began investigating the parallels between a dancer’s life and training and a soldier’s. Both involving tough physical discipline, teamwork and risking injury.  To fully understand the impact of war and trauma on the body, Rosie undertook an intense period of field research with the 4th Battalion The Rifles, and spent time at a military rehabilitation centre, a place in which people were coming to terms with the loss of limbs and rebuilding confidence in their bodies.

The research resulted in the critically acclaimed show 5 Soldiers, receiving a Special Commendation from the Royal Society of Public Health in recognition of its excellent contribution to Arts and Health Practice.

5 Soldiers

Image by Colin Hattersley

Choreographer Rosie Kay said:

“5 Soldiers has been a labour of love over several years for me and the cast, gaining access, insight and experience; giving us a unique understanding that helps us portray the extraordinary lives people in the military have. At the same time, we really try to humanise this story; we want the audience to empathise and to feel a visceral connection to our characters. We’ve been struck by how this work directly communicates with soldiers, officers and military families, but also with people who have no connection to the military, and even with peace activists. This is truly a humanistic portrayal of war; complex, nuanced, uncomfortable-yes, but overall, impassioned and truthful.”

Previous tours of the show received 5-star reviews from The Observer, The Herald, and The Scotsman, and it was named in The Guardian’s Top 10 Dance of 2015.

The 2017 tour is taking things one step further by exclusively performing the work at the heart of military venues – an unusual space for live art performances and an opportunity for audiences to see inside a world usually distanced from public view with a wider initiative by the Army to engage with the public through the Arts. Lieutenant Colonel Sue Wright is the Army’s first ever officer for the arts and has organised a range of innovative events including festivals, exhibitions and artists-in-residence that bring together the Army’s artistic talent.

The show will open with members of the community enabling them to choreograph and perform their own dance piece inspired by the themes. This will be performed on Friday (many of these community members won’t have previous dance experience so it’s brilliant opportunity to have some fun.)

The show will be performed at 7.30 pm, at Londesborough Street Barracks, 14-15, September 2017 Londesborough Street, Hull HU3 1DS

Tickets are £10. To book visit

Suitable for 12+ Parental guidance advised, contains some scenes of violence.





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