We’re sick of being fobbed off, my baby needs help!

The parents Daniel Marsham and Katie Hall,  are sick of being fobbed off and are asking for help to get their little boy Rocco a helmet to support his head.

The parents noticed Rocco had a problem with his head two weeks after he had been born, this then lead to months trying to get the support for the little boy.

Daniel Marsham, Rocco’s father tells Hull Echo, the problems the family face.

Daniel said:

” We have been to doctors a few times now to see him,  the first time he fobbed us off and said there is nothing wrong with him.

” So we took him back and the doctor said he would do a full check up on him now.”

Roco, four months old, suffers from Plagiocephaly, also known as a flat head syndrome, which can affect the skull, However, the helmets are not available on the NHS as they are categorised as cosmetic only. The family was told they would have to visit a private clinic for treatment.

Daniel said:

” The NHS hasn’t offered us anything, to be honest, basically all they said was for us to go private.”

According to Technology motion’s website, researchers had found plagiocephaly does not self-correct – even when parents are advised on repositioning. And it is this four percent of the population whose head shape deformities remain ‘severe’, in spite of rigorous repositioning practices, for whom plagiocephaly helmets are designed.

Daniel and Katie are desperate to get the helmet for their little boy, they have set up a Just Giving page to raise funds for the helmet.

If you wish to help and donate to this cause click here  

Check out our Facebook Page for the full interview with Daniel Marsham.







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