How much could your health cost you?

With the General Election underway, people are worried the NHS would be privatised under the Tory Government.  The Labour Party has assured the country they will save the NHS if their party is elected, However, what are the prices of health care and could you afford the treatment?

Private Healthcare UK has the cost and information about hundreds of scans, test,   treatments, and operations in leading private hospitals and clinics.

Hull Echo looked into some individual costs in private health care.

The National Average cost for:

  • Airways and lungs examination (bronchoscopy)  £1,500
  • Abdomen examination by a camera (laparoscopy)  £3.450
  • Adenoids removal  £1,191
  • Food intolerance screen £220
  • Heart valve replacement 20,500
  • Hip replacement £1,046
  • MRI scan £199
  • Breast Exam £650
  • Breast lump removal £1,850
  • CT scan £447
  • Diabetes consultant with a nutritionist £165
  • Hysterectomy £6,545

These are just some of the prices for some peoples’ health problems.

According to Asthma UK, 5.4 million in the UK  are receiving treatment for asthma, 1.1million are children, 4.3 million are adults, and three people a day die of asthma.

British Heart Foundation says there is 7 million people living with Cardiovascular (heart and circulatory) disease who are fighting for each heart beat, however, 453 people a day die of Cardiovascular.

Food Standard Agency says ten people in a year die from food intolerance, 5-8% percent are children.

Based on these facts and the national cost of private care, the question is, could you afford your health care if the NHS disappeared?

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