Labour’s Manifesto

Today, Labour published its manifesto. For the Many, not the Few’,

The manifesto is set to bring changes not just to people lives but to also rule out the rigged economy.

The Labour Party says,

“It’s for Martin, who spoke at the launch — a former Tory voter, let down so severely by cuts to the medical care that used to support his children.

“It’s for Christine, a single mother and carer working night shifts, who struggles to find enough money and just wants a fairer Britain for her daughters.

“It’s for Mohammad, a bus driver who is worried about his children, burdened with debt after going to University.”

The Labour party are set out to ensure the people are not held back, to have a free NHS, Education for all, as well as a fairer deal at work.

Before the last general election, The Social Economy Alliance  brought together more than 700 organisations and individual supporters to campaign for a UK economy.

Commenting on the launch of Labour’s General Election Manifesto ‘For the Many, not the Few’, Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK said:

“The Labour Manifesto contains a very welcome and ambitious commitment to creating a more inclusive economy. I applaud the fact that the major parties are coming forward with proposals to share the benefits of business more widely across the UK. Co-operatives and the wider social economy are accelerators for equality and we want to see a government that understands all forms of enterprise and can nurture a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

“Some of the best parts of Labour’s manifesto from a co-operative perspective are new, never leaked and a welcome sign that Labour recognises the need to put substance behind action beyond the state, where people are empowered to meet their own needs and aspirations, through their livelihoods, in their communities and in the market.”

To read the full manifesto click here  Funding Britain here  Labour’s tax transparency and enforcement programme click here 









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