Are you aware of the new speeding rules?

From the 24, April, the new speeding rules will be endorsed around the UK, which could see motorist fined up to £2.500

The new rules mean drivers can be fined up to 175% of their weekly income and disqualified for 56 days.

The rules include a three-way band way system, which will determine the fine and penalty points.

Band A –  Drivers will receive 3 penalty points and a fine, which can range from 25% to 75% of their weekly income

Band B – Drivers will receive 4-6 penalty points or disqualified from driving for 7 to 28 days which starts at 100% – 125% of their weekly income.

Band C – Drivers will receive 6 penalty points or disqualified from driving for 7-56 days which starts at 150%- 175% of their weekly income.

The bands are based on the mph, even if you are over by 1 mph you will be fined

Speed Limit

20 speed 21-30 (Band A) speed 31-40 (Band B) speed 41+ (Band C)

30 speed 31-40 (Band A) speed 41-50 (Band B) speed 51+ (Band C)

40 speed 41-55 (Band A) speed 56-65 (Band B) speed 61+ (Band C)

50 speed 51-65 (Band A) speed 66-76 (Band B) speed 76+ (Band C)

60 speed 61-80 (Band A) speed 81-90 (Band B) speed 91+ (Band C)

70 speed 71-90 (Band A) speed 91-100 (Band B) speed 101+ (Band C)


For first offenders, the chance to take a speed awareness course may be offered, which will avoid the penalty point but not the fine.

The Sentencing council said there is an increase in penalties as the seriousness of offending increases. Driving offenses have increased by 44% in the last five years.

Make sure you stick to the new rules that come into effect 24, April.




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